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The Homestay is set within 18 Rai of land (approximately 9 acres) of which 75% is still unspoilt woodland, the farm is surrounded by government woodland which is also unspoilt and cannot be de-forrested, there are two very large government lakes within 2 mins. walking distance from the farm that are stocked with fish and have Mango trees surrounding them for all to pick when in season, here we can use our boat to catch fish, BBQ and swim.

Comprising of seven separate rooms the Common Room is the central hub of the Homestay where we congregate throughout the day and night. Built in the traditional Thai style using local hardwood for the main pillars, tiled roof and local hardwood around the kitchen and kitchen worktops.

A 10mtr x 10mtr open area where we eat, chat, swap stories, play games, dance and learn new dance routines or just relax and read one of the many books available, play backgammon with the children or teach them English and also learn Thai at the same time. Preparations for any festivities are carried out here and you will always find something to join in with here for both children and adults.

Built towards a more European style using local hardwoods and caters for guests who prefer their home comforts, comprises a gas stove with two burners - the kettle is always whistling for tea, coffee or spicy drinks like cinnamon, ginger, garlic and lemon grass tea, tall free-standing fridge freezer - with the usual bottle of Tabasco Sauce, Marmite, Worcester Sauce, Ketchup and HP Brown Sauce, fresh water dispenser, stainless sink, rice cooker, blender and a free-standing cupboard storing pots, pans, crockery, cutlery and many European sauces, spices and pasta for those that prefer to eat non-Thai cuisine or just fancy a change every once in a while.

European sauces and spices are difficult to find here and would be nice if you could bring a little something from your own country to add to our cupboard and maybe even teach the children here one of your local meals.

For those that like a little tipple we have a refreshments counter within the kitchen area serving traditional and local Thai beers such as Singha, Chang, Leo and Isaan Beer. Rice whisky made in a near-by village is available to sample which you can also see being made, cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages are also available.

Downstairs we have a bathroom comprising a European toilet, wash basin and shower with hot water.

Above the Common Room we have a private area 5mtr x 3mtr where you can relax and receive a massage for head, body, feet or an essential oil massage, a great way to relax after your long day. Items available include a selection of essential oils and non-perfumed massage oils, wooden crafted massage tools, bolus’s filled with spices, face masks, body and feet wraps, creams and lotions.

Above the downstairs Bathroom and a step across from the Massage Room we have a new extension to the Common Room, a concrete room fully tiled and furnished with a spray shower area, flush toilet, hand basin and a bath. The shower and bath both have hot running water.

After your massage, why not relax in a bath filled with scented flowers looking out at the green forest around you or take a spray shower and relax on the balcony with a cool drink and reflect on the day.

Directly above the Internet Room and a few steps away from the Bathroom and Massage Room we have an open Balcony area where you can relax high above everyone, you can see all around and everything is green and it’s all quiet, not a sound, just the noise from the insects in the forest, you can sit and contemplate the day gone by, read a book and then watch the sun set in the distance. What could be more relaxing.

Directly across from the Common Room we have a 15mtr x 15mtr enclosed lake where we have fish and water snails, yummy. Plenty of fish for a sure catch.

There are two other smaller lakes opposite our sleeping huts, stocked separately, one with small river fish which we dry in the sun and smoke over the open fire and the other lake has small crabs which we use in making the traditional salad papaya (When we can catch them that is).

Just a short stroll through the forest from the Common Room and you will find a Bungalow surrounded by trees where you can sit and watch the local people working in the rice fields, in a totally tranquil atmosphere with only the sounds of the forest around you.

At present we have two double rooms available in the form of a single Bungalow with the rooms side by side. A concrete building with wood doors and windows and a tiled roof. Inside there are the exposed main supporting wood pillars and exposed wooden beams. An open plan Bungalow with a high open roof area to allow for a good circulation of air.

Main living and sleeping area is 3mtr x 5.5mtr. Tiled areas include a fully tiled floor throughout, bed base, side cabinets, open wardrobe, suitcase shelf with a storage area underneath, writing desk and main centre desk with doors and an area for storage inside. There is a Large Flat Screen TV with Satellite and a Large freestanding Refrigerator. The main room has a double bed 6’ x 6’ , single side lamp and wall fan. There is an air conditioning unit installed.

The bathroom is 1.5mtr x 3mtr and has a tiled floor and three quarter tiled walls, there is a shower with hot water, wash basin and European flush toilet.

Only 50 mtr walk to the bungalow from the Common Room you will find a beautiful room set alone, comprising air conditioning, hot water, satellite TV, double bed , fan, coffee and tea making facilities and enclosed terrace. Here you can stay alone (or with friends) and enjoy the tranquility over the small lake in front of the bungalow.