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We are a united group of people, comprising family members, friends, friends of friends and people who just arrive at the spur of the moment for help.
We mostly work independently with our own tasks and together as a group whenever needed for the benefit of everyone. Food grown, money earned and help is always available for those that need it.
Our Homestay is more of a Home for local people that need somewhere to stay, to become part of a family and just carry on normal everyday live, get back on track and return to their life more confident and self aware of what it truly important in life.
To be part of this not only helps the people around us but hopefully lets you see the real rural Thailand, how they live and how they can be so very happy with what they have.

Our Homestay is situated within the Koksawang village district, although we are about 2 km from the village and no other houses around. There are only forests and rice fields here.
Leaving Pla Pak town we are about 6 km out of town on the main road to Koksawang.

Nakhon Phanom city is approx. 53km from our Homestay which is adjacent to the Loas border and separated by the Mekong River, Sakhon Nakon city is 96km away and the capital city Bangkok is approximately 800km away as is Chaing Mai.

Our ‘Homestay’ set in 18 Rai of land is surrounded by forest and 2km from the village of Koksawang. Here we have 3 Bungalows for customers to stay, 1 Bungalow with 2 separate double bed rooms approx. 150 mtr from the common room a short walk through the forest and 1 Bungalow with double bed approx. 50 mtr from the common room. The Homestay is mainly forested but have many fruit trees and vegetables around.
We have 2 people building houses within our Homestay for short term holidays with a view to retiring here.
There is a large common room with places to sit and eat, European style at the table or Isaan style on the floor with a Thai and European Kitchen, here we sometimes have local people dancing and making food or just chatting, there is also internet access here. Downstairs there is a bathroom incorporating a front loading washing machine and upstairs we have a balcony and European bathroom with a bath.

We have a new karaoke room just outside the common room with kitchen and bar, large TV and comfy sofas.

A laundry service is also available.

The ‘Main Farm’ with over 40 Rai of land has four lakes surrounding an island and a 7 man boat available to go around, here we grow rice in the wet season and vegetables out of season. There are pigs, cows, water buffalo, chickens, turkeys, geese, ducks, fish to catch and frogs to eat.

Mainly farming, during the raining season and vegetables out of season. Having the occasional customer is great and we make them more than welcome to join in our family business.

Life here in the countryside is difficult, but you get back more than you put in. Living a simple life surrounded by nature and good friends is what it’s all about.

No KFC’s, McDonalds, Pizza Hut. No Modified foods or Pesticides here just plain simple food.

Continue to do what we do. Eat healthily, keep busy, help friends and family, enjoy life and be happy making people happy. That’s it.

Our objective is to create, sustain and develop local business, increase tourism and invest in the community, while retaining the utmost respect for our environment.