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Please note that some activities are seasonal.

After that day out walking around the market why not treat yourself to a relaxing foot, head or body  massage. Have your feet pampered and relax them in water scented by flowers or indulge youself with an essential oil massage. Singles can have a one to one lesson on massage skills and Couples can learn how to give each other a massage. Massaging each other either seperataly or at the same time (a great way to get to know each other again).

All controlled by a fully certified masseur trained at the best school in Thailand located at the Grand Palace Temple in Bangkok.

It doesn't matter how many times you visit Thailand you can still find interest in going to the Temples, there are so many and each has its own unique quality. Especially the Pra That Phanom Temple in That Phanom Province the most important Buddhist Temple in the region, where each year in February the locals pilgrimate to pay homage and there is a fair in the temple lasting 5 days and only a 45 minuite ride from our farm.

Just a short bicycle ride leaving the farm and heading towards Pla Pak you can visit a Temple deep in the forrest, isolated and tranquil you can spend the day living and meditating with the monk. Or you can visit early morning and give offererings of food for the monk. If you would like to spend a day and a night or longer at a local temple and live as they do, then we can arrange that also as many others have done in the past. Shaving the head is optional but you do need to have white clothing and the ladies need to be conservatively dressed as with all temple visits.

Spend a day learning the art of Silk Painting at a nearby village and take home a beautiful gift for your family and friends.

If you love to dance! Then why not have a one to one lesson or group lesson with a professional Thai dancer, it can be great fun especially if you have two left feet or just tried some local rice whiskey. You can also visit the local school, watch and listen to their incredible music and dance classes.

Here on the farm we have facilities for fishing, how you catch the fish is up to you! we have rods n reels n floats n bait, simple bamboo rods without floats using small frogs and ant eggs as bait, or you can jump in the water and use a large net Thai style as the children like to do when the suns too hot to work. There are 2 very large man made lakes just a 2 minuite stroll through the forrest, stocked by the government and free for anyone to use.

Visit the surrounding villages and watch the local people make handycraft such as basket making, weaving, spinning - where you can help collect the 20cm pods from the trees and remove the cotton like material seperating out the black seeds then watch as they spin the thread by hand with their home made spinning machines made from bamboo, silk painting, see traditional Thai drums being made as well as many other instruments, learn the process of making local whisky from rice and tree bark.

Before you can cook you have to shop the ingredients (and we don't mean from the local supermarket). Here in Isaan there are is a  plentyful supply of ingredients at hand here in the surrounding areas.

Take a day out to relax, stroll through the forrest with your guide in the early morning before the sun becomes hot and the dew dissapears. Learn where to find mushrooms and be amazed at all the different varieties, collect the eggs of the large red ant from the trees, pick fresh young edible flowers and leaves, dig up the eggs of the black ant which we can use later in the day as bait for catching fish, collect the multitude of insects captured in the night from our purple flourescent light traps. If your not an early bird then why not join the locals in and late night experience, put on your head torch and go looking for frogs hopping along the lanes.

Depending on the season, there may be mango ripe or sour, tamarind from the tree sour or sweet, peanut, cashew nut, papaya, jack fruit, pineapple and the king of all fruits the dulian a taste experience never to be forgotten.

On the farm we also grow our own organic vegetables and fruits and if you don't fancy picking your own then a trip to the local market can be arranged where you can stroll around and choose from the many different foods available.

Then take all your ingredients back to the kitchen where you will learn how to make traditional Thai and Isaan food, salad papaya with chillies, salted fish, steamed rice, smoke fish over wood embers, shrimps in sauce, fresh mushrooms you picked in the early morming with vegetables or BBQ spare ribs and vegetables............

If you like to visit markets then there are plenty to be found and depending on which day of the month it is you can be taken to night markets in Pla Pak and Nakhon Phanom city centre, All day markets in Pla Pak, Renu Nakhon, Na Kae, Sakon Nakhon, Nakhon Phanom and the Indochine market in Mukdahan overlooking the Mekong River where all the different cultures of China, Loas, Vietnam and Thailand come together to sell their wares at prices you won't find anywhere else.